Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank You Virtual I/O -1995

Thank you Virtual I/O for not accepting my application sometime in 1995. I answered an ad for a Novell Network Admin because my part time job was coming to an end. I had taken a class for Novell Netware and had worked with it for nearly a year at the Community College. Even upgraded the system from 3 something to 4.11 I think were the versions. (Is Netware still alive?).

This was the beginning of the "Internet thing" and so many things sounded exciting. There weren't that many people around with lots of hands on experience with servers or the latest interface. Internet Browsers were primitive then and Windows was probably 4.11 or '95

Luckily for me I followed one of my instructors advise when asked about my previous 10 years of work experience and proudly told the interviewer (CEO at this point) that I'd been an auto mechanic and completed a 2 year course in CNC machines.

Never heard from them again ... but my part time job suddenly opened up again to full time and that's where I spent the next 10 years

Virtual I/O closed it's doors within two years of my application because the cost of their product was above what the public could afford.  I also doubt the home user or Internet technology was up to the task.  We were still using modems then and DSL was almost unheard of.

Virtual I/O 1000 Lenora Street, Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98121 206.382.7410

Virtual I/O manufactures and sells a line of personal display systems, including the lightweight i-glasses. These head-mounted video systems use see-through optical technology and provide high-quality video and computer images.

I only got thinking about this because Google just won a patent on glasses

Google was awarded design patents on Tuesday for its Project Glass browser glasses. Project Glass is the company’s first venture into wearable computing.


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