Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Remember LSD?

Just another faze in my life from a long time back but definitely a memorable one. I left it behind for basically the same reasons as marijuana ... in that it became somewhere between boring and simply too confusing to be meaningful. Eventually in your 20's you need to ask what am I doing with my life. At least I did.

Not any serious bad trips but some strange experiences. Like driving in downtown San Francisco and the city had the depth appearance of a blackboard, my best friend jumping off our 2nd floor balcony because of something his girl friend said (landed in flower bed) and taking a machete away for a friend who heard his girl was sleeping with someone else. Crazy times. We would buy toys every week for the weekend parties, make strobe lights, collages, fluorescent anything ... just like kids!!

Marijuana just became boring with little more than laying on the floor listening to music. LSD not so simple and left me very confused. I eventually tried to commit myself to the Santa Clara mental health department. I walked in and presented my case to a very nice nurse ... and as sympathetic as she was she just pointed to a guy sitting on the floor, nodding and mumbling to himself. That's the kind of people we admit here; she said. Next thing I knew I found myself in Eugene Oregon going to college.


Starting this Blog so I don't have to post my personal life and trivia in my other Blogs that mainly are concerned with Mexico

The original reason for this Blog has changed a bit towards being political and exposing a few jerks that we run across in the news or in person. Hope some of you find it interesting.