Friday, May 11, 2012

Rosemary Clooney

I was ready to go on about what Rosemary Clooney brought into this world along with my feelings about her music in the '50's.   It turns out that Rosemary was the sister of Nick Clooney who was George's father.   All the family in show business in one form or the other.

Rosemary's music was competing with Elvis and Rock n Roll in the '50's but I do remember a few of her songs.  A few because they were popular and also appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show.   She must have done better with my parents generation.

Anyway back to George.   Not many people or actors give me a good feeling like he does.  Liked all of his movies tho I've probably only seen half of them.  Always seems to be involved in the right causes including being a United Nations Messengers of Peace.  The man has a good mix of humor, intelligence and a sense for what is right.   Gives me a little more faith in the human race ... and we could use more like him.


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