Saturday, July 25, 2015

Poor Ol' Norward J. Brooks

Norward J. Brooks, Ph.D - Executive Dean

Too proud to ask competent computer people either on the Seattle Vocational Institute campus or the Main Seattle Central Campus. He knows/knew nothing about computers but still hired two scam artists to start and manage their own programs. The first mistake was hiring Michael Baker to teach a Computer Tech course. This guy was total bullshit but at least he had a few students and the program lasted a few years.

The real character misjudgment he made was with Steve Mulligan who accomplished absolutely nothing but a paycheck for himself. At least his big fat failure only lasted a year. A grand plan for an IT educational department my ass.

Then you have people like Portia Carter who ran her little fiefdom of special needs kids and financial aid. Great program but Portia was a bitch who operated mostly at the top of her lungs. She was second in seniority to Norward so he could not have gotten rid of her but could have tried to tone her down ... like when she made a public accusation I was deleting her files. The problem was trying to get people to save their files on the server instead of "who knows where" on their PC. Norward did not like to rock the boat and I had the feeling that is how he got the job. The way Norward handled a few other personnel issues that came up I can't help think there was some racism involved. Very ineffective as Dean of a Campus

Oh well ... I've been gone for 10 years and the four I mentioned are all gone as well. The new website does not list employees or teachers so I don't know who is there now. There were a lot of good people and some are still there I'm sure.
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