Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Osteoarthritis - is that what I have?

Well it's some form of arthritis or bursitis dating back to a serious lower back injury in the early 1990's. I'm usually good during the day but almost 50% of my nights I wake early from pain. Ever since that injury I've had to change sleeping position frequently. Guess I'm surprised I still have the problem but at almost 70 years of age I'll probably have to live with it.

Anti inflammatories like Ibuprofen or Naproxen are the standards for pain relief but they are only a partial help. Mixed with a good shot or three before bed I get a good start on the night. There are also magic pillows, miracle creams, exercises and acupuncture. Actually I may try the acupuncture and maybe a little marijuana in case it's tension related. Anyway, time to try a few things.


Starting this Blog so I don't have to post my personal life and trivia in my other Blogs that mainly are concerned with Mexico

The original reason for this Blog has changed a bit towards being political and exposing a few jerks that we run across in the news or in person. Hope some of you find it interesting.