Monday, April 23, 2012

Dealing with angry insecure people

I was looking around the Internet about dealing with insecure people and I think with hopes that this would not be so much of a woman thing .... but I'm afraid it's gonna be.  The reason is the viciousness displayed in public and with a person that you actually know.  In this case we are talking about Internet message boards where sometimes anonymous people think they can get away with anything.   Here no one is anonymous so it becomes very personal.

There are two crazy guys that act up, pick on people or just act like jackasses ... but only a very insecure person (in this case a woman) would choose to defend these two misfits and then would get joy out of making their critics look the evil ones - publicly.  Very simply she wanted to win in the eyes of others.   That is a very big order with the number of opinions and minds in this Internet world.

For awhile now she has been (or tries to be) the information source of the community searching the Internet for new info that no one else has found, announces community activities as tho she was appointed, always talks about progress on their fancy house and mentions that they drove the "Lexus" everywhere they go.

Since I know this woman I know her friends ... and most are the most dysfunctional people in the community.  The difficulty came when her dysfunctional friends acted up (continuously) on the message board and she, unable to see what was happening, chose to defend them in a very ungraceful manner.

She actually admitted she has lost message board friends because of who she sided with but I think it's more her general attitude about trying to be the Queen of some-thing-or-other.   The difference between friends and acquaintances

Three tips:
Don't bring your money to Mexico and think you are something special

Men tend to attack under the table ... or should I say more discreetly unless they want a physical confrontation.  Women (some) just don't seem to get that.

Pay attention to what is being said ... and don't jump in the middle of a conversation that you don't come close to understanding.   Defending your dysfunctional friends will only end up badly later on.

Gonna go make some ice cubes now ...


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