Monday, January 5, 2015

TomZap message board is a lunatic asylum

Fast Eddie - our local crackpot
In Melaque/Barra Mexico

The latest is a number of people don't like negative restaurant reviews and others think diners experience should be shared. They end up being quite rude to each other .... and then a bunch of new people accuse them of acting like 12 year old's (which they are).  Amid all the mayhem in comes Fast Eddie with a totally non related and nonsensical post about me getting him Moderated. He's right because he was carrying on like an idiot.  Retired Gringos in Paradise

Fast Eddie's crazy post .....
it seems as though im being moderated because of a certain poster and he knows who he is complains to nancy and zap im moderated,, i asked him to put my post on hide messages but he is to nosy i guess and he didnt like what i argued about and of course he has more influence than me with nancy . i really doubt that this post will get posted but there are some on the board that carry alot more weight than others, its a crime to to argue with some posters and yet some posters can argue as much as they want willow, you had better watch your words, f---ing idiot, name calling not aloud and d&d you are may get moderated by above poster if he doesnt like what you write, of course its toms formum so they can do what they want but like i said before DONT RUFFLE some posters or they will get you moderated by complaing to nancy , oh and by the way i asked him to hide my messages but he just could not resist to see what i had wrote, THIS IS DIFFENTLY not a forum of free speech,, there is a old saying STICK AND STONES MAY BREAK YOUR BONES, BUT WORDS NEVER WILL,, not so the case on this forum no cuss words , and dont argue with certain posters.

Poster #1
What a happy little place. Sounds like not everybody has a Feliz ano in Melaque. A poster complains about service in a restaurant and everyone jumps all over them !

Poster #2
When physically in Barra/Melaque it seems like the average gringo/expat is around 65. When I read some of the posts here, it seems like a bunch of 12-year olds, lol! Not referring to the original post, but the rather juvenile responses of some. Sigh.

Poster #3
Hola, everyone.....this is my first/virgin post...and what a thread I chose to read FIRST!!!!! Made me nostalgic for the old days on What's Up Maz (a Mazatlan forum, which has now pretty well died). Seems things do not change, wherever expats get together and one up each other. Yup....a bunch of 12 year olds.
I'm on this forum for the information it can provide; hope there will be lots of that. :))
Feliz Ano!

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